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At “Gelmeda” JSC, we produce and construct wooden frame-panel houses and HTS-bearing beams. We also offer cosy terraces, saunas and other structures. We design, manufacture, build and reconstruct not only private homes, but also industrial buildings. Correctly redesigned, former industrial buildings can easily become a great business centre, modern service or sports centre.

Our company has the skills, up-to-date technologies and innovative manufacturing techniques to take on large-scale projects.

Products made by our company are not only present in Lithuania. We closely collaborate with European countries (France, England, Ireland, Austria, Spain), Scandinavian countries and third-world countries. We are valued for our high quality, honesty, accuracy and application of innovative solutions.

Client testimonials

Working with gelmeda was very simple and convenient. I recommend it to everyone!

Tadas Petrauskas


Gelmeda's communication was very good. Answered all my questions accurately and clearly and gave advice. Real professionals in their field.

Simona Žibutė

Project manager


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